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For Your Customers

What is HACCP? How does it affect me?

HACCP is a legal requirement for all food businesses.  It is a food safety management system allowing you to identify and control any hazards that could pose a risk to the safety of food.

Why should my business conduct audits?

Food safety auditing is an essential exercise which helps you identify any gaps in your business. If gaps are identified, it is easy to put actions in place to prevent an issue reoccurring. Effective audits help to safeguard your business.

How do I develop a safe food product?

If you are looking for information about producing safe food, a great place to start is on the FSAI website, where a number of publications and advice is available. If you need further hands on support and advise, contact us here and we will be happy to chat.

Do I need Calorie labeling?

The government has committed to making calories on menus mandatory for all food businesses in the near future. Why not get ahead of legislation and implement calories on your menu today.

For Your Staff

Do all my staff need Food Safety Training?

It is a legal requirement that all employees involved in the preparation of food are trained and/or supervised commensurate with their work activity.

What types of training do you conduct?

We are providers of Food Safety & HACCP training which is taught only by accredited trainers with vast experience and knowledge of the food industry. We cover all levels to meet the needs of staff of any position.

What do we get at the end of the training?

On successful completion of our courses you will be provided with a cert of completion.